Sunday, December 26, 2010

San Francisco

My father, looking down the streetcar track in San Francisco.
I really like this picture for several reasons:

1) My dad claims there are no good photos of him; and since I have have this photo right here, (which I actually framed and gave to him for Christmas this year) he is obviously mistaken! Take that self esteem issue! :D

2) This photo is a complete aim and snap, with no thought put into settings or composition. It's rather amazing it's so clear since, the cable car was so bumpy as it grind-braked down the hill.

3) Composition, although accidental, is very pleasing. The San Francisco bay is visible, and the dock is clear. There is a nice layer of fog rolling around lazily by very content sailboats. And, the person crossing the street; just blurry enough to be anybody, just visible enough to be a definite somebody.

4) Metaphor. Holding his map and train ticket, looking eagerly ahead on the track, this photo makes me think we are seeing my dad's anticipation about his life, and where it is headed. He's a little uncertain, but he is prepared and looks ahead optimistically.

Okay, maybe I read into that a little too much, but I think this photo hold a ton of value for me. :)

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