Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcome to my photo blog!

My name is Jonathan Harold, and I'm just discovering my life for the very first time.
The purpose of this blog, originally, was so I could speak my mind. But I realized that I never needed my own page to do that, just the courage to speak up.

For awhile this blog was totally empty, and I never added to it; since, I didn't have anything to say! But now I think that I could talk and talk and never be as clear as the thing I picture in my head. So then I got a great idea! Why not turn it into a place to share my pictures? :)

I started taking pictures a couple years ago, with black and white film...but...I just had too many lab disasters and I couldn't get into it! Black and white is nice but, my world revolves around the axis of color. (I have a bad habit of grabbing the "saturate" tool in photoshop and making my picture look like a truck full of bright finger paints crashed into a skittles factory.) I thought photo-taking just wasn't for me until I discovered digital about a year ago! I love it. Finally I found something I enjoy that I'm good at! :D

When people ask me if I'm a "photographer" when they see my camera on my shoulder, I kind of smirk and wonder "...what separates a normal guy taking pictures, from a 'photographer'???" Personally, I prefer to think of myself as a "sharpshooter." I exhale, look through my scope, and pull the trigger.

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