Saturday, January 8, 2011


Welllll, I decided that while I'm waiting for the poll to close, (I really just want people to vote for Japan hahaha) I decided to post more plants for your viewing enjoyment.

I really like some of these however. One of them is even my desktop at this very moment. So, since your lover prooooobably didn't send you flowers today, we can just pretend.
So ladies, (and gentlemen? I think there's a few of you that have this link now) here is your bouquet of the day!


p.s. -extra points for anyone who can guess which of these four is my desktop....hehe. Posting is open to all! The first two who guess correctly will have their choice of any photos on this blog printed into an 8.5"x12", framed in a black matte, and mailed to them! So post up people!

For those of you that think "I don't have a blog, that doesn't mean me...."
Good news! You're wrong! Anyone can post on this blog. Click on the line below that says "# comments". Right now it probably says "0 comments" right now. ;]


  1. it always amazes me the detail and elegance of your photographs, or should I say masterfully taken photos :)

  2. Hmmm I would have to say that it's detailed because I love detail and I just have fun with it. I'm a lot more lucky than I am skillful. ;)

    Thank you though!