Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attention Pacmen and Pacmisses:

As you may have noticed, I have designed a new blog template!!!!
It isn't perfect by any measure, and I'm still ironing out a lot of kinks, but I am very pleased with how this turned out!

It might be a little busier than many of you prefer, but I wanted to do something fun!
My picture taking is all about having fun, and I thought my blog should reflect how much I adore nostalgia and having fun in simple ways. I love bright colors and neon signs and arcades. Over the next year I plan on adding additional arcade-style elements and themes to this blog.

It may not be 'PROFESSIONAL' but hey I never said I was.
Please tell me what you think!!!

-J. Harold

p.s. -sorry about the voting options in the poll, for the life of me I can not understand why the text is black/charcoal/mostly invisible against the dark background. I may just have to do polling somewhere else on this page where it can be seen.

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