Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This blog is about to hit 1,000 views!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to my visitors for making this blog such an exciting and enjoyable part of my life!!!
I'd like to offer a gift to my regulars who make this possible,


I am offering to mail an 8.5"x11" framed print to 1,011th viewer. All you need to do is check the right hand side under "High Score" and look at the number there. Please take a screen shot or take a picture of the screen with your phone and email it

OR text it to me at

(206) 708-5818

along with your favorite image on this blog you would like me to print and mail to you!!!
I will update again here when I hear from the 1,011th viewer!!!! If I make it past that and haven't heard from anyone, then the first person to contact me after that will get the prize.
Looking forward to hearing from the number 1,011!!!

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