Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All Things Great and........Not So Great

All four of these images are taken about an inch or two away from the subject while trying out my new macro lens adapter!

It works well most of the time, but even an eyelash's difference in range makes a HUGE focus difference. It's no substitute for a real macro lens! (which in in the cue for upcoming additions to my gear arsenal).

The four subjects are, in order:

(i) a redbull can (but of course....)

the spa timer plate

various pieces of windowsill dust

(iv) a better homes and gardens magazine cover

I'm discovering that I really love macro photography, so this new lens would help me out quite a bit!! I'll be making a separate post about what I finally decided about the great lens dilemma!

p.s. ~expect more macrophotography in the future
p.s.s. ~my mountain dew can is empty... :(

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