Saturday, April 2, 2011

He Liked it so He Went and Put a Ring On It

I adore these two friends of mine ever so much.
They are THE two most wonderful people you will ever meet, and it's very clear within minutes that these two really are made for eachother. They complete eachother, like a Supernintendo with TWO controllers so you can play double Contra 3 or Street Fighter or Bomberman!

I believed in these two dear friends of mine immediately. It became clear that they loved eachother without condition or limit. So much so, that I unofficially joined their hands in marriage with a borrowed ring in the middle of a Mariokart party in Japan!

It made me tear up to see the real ceremony in front of me at last.
Happiest day of my life. <3

Congratulations Evan and Liz. You two are incredible, and I can't imagine my life without you two.

~J. Harold

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  1. They look so happy!! I wish them happiness. :)