Thursday, September 15, 2011


Not TOO recently, but fairly not-so-very-long-ago, someone told me that they love when I comment on the photos that I post here. They say it gives some perspective into why I composed and chose to take the photo. And as the first hand experiencer how it made me feel or what was running through my head when I aimed the glass and pulled the trigger.

WELL, that may certainly be true. When I do comment on a photo I post it is because I would like to illuminate it's purpose a little more clearly.

But there is one more thing I'd like to say about that. As much as I adore words, there is no expression like a perfectly portrayed picture. When I post an image without comment, it is quite often because that image is EXACTLY what I meant and felt. It's quite difficult to restate what a gratifying shot means to me; often because that shot is exactly what I was thinking about or imagining at the time I took it. The best shots are those that don't need any explanation in my opinion.

Just to be clear. :)

Thank you for watching this blog so faithfully readers. I feel a little lighter every time that visitor counter goes up. And I do notice when it goes up, even by one. Thank you!!!

-J. Harold

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