Thursday, February 3, 2011

Konnichiwa Seattle~

There are many thing I like to take pictures of. People. Flowers. Seagulls and street signs. Ferry boats and public parks and street vendors and color. I LOVE COLOR!!!!
All of these blend together at the salty air shores of Seattle Washington. This city is a magical city. 21 years and I am still unlocking it's secrets. Learning about it's culture. It is a city of synergy. Where late business people with the caffeine-crave shakes brush by carefree street performers holding the same cup. It rains here. A lot. The only thing good about it is that when those grey stormclouds finally do dissolve, there is the bay and the mountains and the beautiful western Washington sky smiling at us radiantly.

The sun usually forgets to RSVP to most of the parties and events we hold in Seattle, but that's alright. California gets a lot of attention, but we have clean crisp air here. It's delicious like the brightly colored apples we are also quite famous for.

Here are some pictures from my lovely city. Seattle is ever on the change, and therefore the opportunity for interesting pictures never does~

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  1. These are great pictures Jonathan! You're really talented! :)